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Visitors to the meeting included two former exchange students, as well as Allison Stone, Bill’s daughter, Zo, Laurie Davis Meyer from the Clackamas Club, and Marilyn Henderson.  Outbound exchange student, Ethan Vo talked about his excitement at being chosen for the long-term program.  His first choice of countries is Japan.  He is also interested in going toTaiwan and S. Korea.  His placement will be confirmed next month.

Thanks to everyone who pledged money to the Guatemala ONIL Stove Project.  So far, we have raised $3,000 toward our $5,000 goal!  Remember, all donations will be matched by the District and by a Rotary Global Grant.  A $50 donation will turn into $150—the cost of one stove. The stoves vent smoke outside the home, alleviating lung and eye irritation and disease.  Check out our Facebook page for a recent photo of Carol VanDomelen showing off a stove in Guatemala.  Ken will present an overview of the Guatemala trip and stove project at the March 23 meeting.

Marland announced that a committee of Tigard lunch and noon Rotarians met yesterday to discuss involvement in the “Rotary Plaza” project in Downtown project next to Symposium Coffee.  The Tigard City Council will put forth a consent agenda at its next meeting to approve the name.  The American Legion is interested in erecting a memorial wall at the plaza.

This month’s raffle winners are Dan, Lazaro, Gail, and Jacob!  Conrad got to take the week off but still managed to get a few bucks for his budget courtesy of Lazaro.