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Guatemala Stove Project

The Rotary Club of Tigard has partnered with the Del Este Rotary Club of Guatemala City to raise money to purchase and install ONIL Stoves for residents of the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.  Donations are received through the Rotary Club of Tigard Foundation and through matching grants by Rotary District 5100 and by a Global Grant, every $50 donated turns into $150 (the cost of one stove). Between the two host clubs, several other participating clubs, and the matching grants, the goal is to raise $175,000 for the purchase of the stoves!  $50 can change a family’s life.

The average Guatamalan spends more on firewood than they spend on food.  One clean air cook stove means the family has $125 more to spend on food each month!  $50 donated to the Tigard Rotary Foundation means $1,500.00 a year to each Guatemalan family.

ONIL Stoves vent smoke outside the home preventing burns, eye and lung irritation, and disease.  They also use much less wood than traditional stoves, allowing the women who gather wood and tend cooking fires more time for other activities.  The before and after pictures below show the incredible difference these stoves make.

Watch this video for more information about the need for stoves like this in Guatemala and in other parts of the world.