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The Rotary Club of Tigard Foundation transforms your gift into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.  As the charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Tigard, we tap into a local network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into the priorities of the Foundation; these priorities are described below.

Since 1969, the foundation, through scholarships and projects, has distributed:


Community Gifts




World Service

Community Gifts

This category of donation giving includes financial support for projects such as the Tigard High School Achievement Banquet, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Holiday Food Baskets and School Backpacks through the Good Neighbor Center, Dictionary Project, Operation Warm and other Rotary-member supported projects in our local communities.

College Scholarships

This category of donation represents the significant investment the Rotary Club and its members have made in the youth of Tigard.  Each year new scholarship award winners are selected and announced at the Tigard High School Achievement Banquet.  Eligibility for scholarships include residents of Tigard that attend any Tigard high school.

World Service

This category of donation giving includes financial support for the Youth Exchange program and other projects spearheaded by Rotary members that take place in countries across the globe.  Examples of these projects include the Cyprus Peace Project and Guatemala Stove Project.

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Donor Levels:

(lifetime giving)
Foundation Contributor ($1-$99)
Foundation Builder ($100-$249)
Foundation Fellow ($250-$499)
Foundation Patron ($500-$999)
Foundation Trustee ($1,000-$2,999)
President’s Circle ($3,000-$4,999)
Hugh Radar Club ($5,000+)

Hugh Radar was a Rotarian to be envied.  His dedication and hard work never ceased to amaze us.  A Rotarian for over 40 years, Hugh helped start the Foundation, held office in the Club and worked behind the scenes to make sure things ran smoothly.  An executive at the Boy Scouts of America, he was responsible, along with Ken Cain, for making sure the directly updated quarterly.  he greeted people every week, dogged the secretary weekly to make sure all the proper forms were filled, and then reminded everyone what they needed to do.  Hugh was also one of the first members to suggest that it would be good to have women in Rotary.  Hugh was always there, always did the job and then some, and when he died his absence left a huge hole in the club.  He definitely was a Rotarian of the Highest level. Because of Hugh’s many contributions, the Foundation decided to honor his memory by recognizing the highest levels of contribution as the Hugh Radar Club.

How do the Foundation and Club interact?

The Rotary Club of Tigard Foundation, Inc., an Oregon not for profit corporation, was incorporated in 1969 by the members of the Rotary Club of Tigard with a goal of management and promotion of funds that would earn income to be used for the club’s various charitable outlets.

Activated in 1972, the Foundation has grown through income from memorial gifts, tribute gifts, unused income from investments, individual gifts and excess Club funds that the Rotary Club of Tigard may transfer to the Foundation at the close of a fiscal year.

Each year, at the quarterly meeting in the spring, the Foundation Directors advise the next year’s Club President how much income the club can expect to have at its disposal. This amount is determined upon review of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and takes into account the Minimum Holdings Level, below which the corpus may not be reduced. The Minimum Holding Level is based on a formula involving the number of members in the Rotary Club of Tigard, plus a percentage of earned income.

The Club Officers then recommend what charitable uses the funds are to be spent on and request the Foundation to disburse accordingly at the appropriate times.  The Foundation is managed by nine Directors, three of whom are elected each year at the Foundation’s annual meeting in September.  Thereafter, the Directors elect the Foundation Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) for the year.

The Rotary Club of Tigard Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Tax ID 93-1320719.