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Following are several announcements were made at the Club’s August 24th and/or August 17th meetings:

  • Sergeant at Arms tested our “motorcycles in movies” knowledge. Jeff Yarnall presented a pop quiz to test our knowledge of movies that featured motorcycles. He gave each table 4 pages, each with four photos of various actors riding motorcycles. Our task was to provide, for each of the 16 movies, the name of the actor, the character he played, the name of the movie, and the year the movie was made. Some members did surprisingly well! One table got the most answers right, so members at that table avoided the fine imposed on everyone else.
  • Raffle next week. Jacob Pilling announced that there will be a raffle next week, August 31st, so please bring some extra dollars so you can purchase tickets. Jacob will notify those members who are assigned to bring prizes.
  • Increase Your Knowledge of Rotary! Want to know more about Rotary? Sign up for the ERK (Essential Rotary Knowledge) course. The deadline to register is August 28th. The Club will pay the fee on your behalf, and you can go at your own pace. To learn more and to register, go to
  • Peace Pole comes to City Hall. At 1:30 PM on Thursday August 31st, which is immediately after our noon luncheon, there will be a celebration and dedication of a new Peace Pole at the Tigard City Hall. We hope to have several Tigard Rotarians attend the event.
  • Rotary Plaza Walk and Talk. Marland Henderson announced another Rotary Plaza Walk and Talk, which will be next Thursday (August 31st) at 5:00 pm. The location of the event is at the site of the proposed plaza, i.e., next to the Chamber of Commerce building (and Symposium Coffee) at SW Main Street and SW Tigard Street.
  • Tigard Street Fair Needs Volunteers. The annual Tigard Street Fair is coming on September 9th, Volunteers are needed! Please contact Loni Sanders, at the Chamber of Commerce, if you can help.
  • Winery Tour coming in September. Steve Schmitt announced a Rotary Wine Tour, coming on September 23rd. Steve said that we will visit 3 wineries. More information to come…
  • Back-Pack Time Again. A sign-up sheet for donations for backpacks is being passed around at Club meetings. We have about ¾’s of the money we are trying to raise pledged – we need a few more, according to Marland Henderson. The money goes to the Good Neighbor Center, which provides the backpacks and gift certificates for shoes. Please donate to this very worthwhile program. Contact Loni Sanders for more information.
  • Balloon Festival Report. Rob Musante gave a summary of the Balloon Festival results. Everything went very well, except the hot weather reduced attendance compared to last year. And the wind interfered with the night glow. But moving the night glow to the east field allowed more tethered rides – there were about 700 tethered rides this year. Rob said the new iPhones for scanning tickets bought on the internet worked well, as did the method we used for making credit/debit card purchases. The Club’s net income was about $5200, after paying 3 other groups that helped us fill all the time slots
  • Paul Harris Raffle. Rob Musante announced that the Club will again raffle off 500 points towards a Paul Harris Fellow award for every member that donates at least $10 to the Rotary International Foundation. The goal is to have 100% member participation.
  • Tree planting idea. Tom Anderson, Ken VanDomelen, and Rob Musante are suggesting a new project this year, which would be to plant a tree for every member of the Club, or about 50 trees. These trees would be planted somewhere within the City of Tigard, such as in one of the parks. If you know someone in the nursery business who might donate the trees, or sell them at a reduced cost, please contact one of these three members.